Love from a 19-year old.

Love is trust. It’s stripping away all of your armor, leaving just your bare self on display, showcasing all of your scars and imperfections. It requires having hope that forgetting and moving on is not impossible. It is when all your deepest, darkest secrets can be spilled out and you not having to worrying about judgement or abandonment. When all your weaknesses are acknowledged and adored. When you’re not afraid of the future.

Love is maturity. Fights do not exist. Differences are respected and communication is key. Minds are constantly seeking to understand and hearts are always open to give compassion. Instead of judgement, there is curiosity. Instead of negativity, there is peace and kindness.

Love is fun. Your dreams of adventure and exploration become reality.  You are always optimistic about the next escapade; and you treasure those that occur unexpectedly. Imagination is encouraged and story-telling is a nightly ritual. There is enjoyment in all little things and every event together is pleasurable.

Love is acceptance. Every aspiration is fully supported and every thought is embraced.

Love is health. Awareness of each other’s emotional and physical stability and capacity is always put into consideration.

Love is passion. Passion is vital. Passion is vital. Passion is vital. Passion is vital.

Love is you. Self-actualization. Enlightenment. Expanding your boundaries of acceptance and increasing your custom of taking risks. Setting the right priorities. Believing in yourself. Trusting yourself. Confidence.

Love is learning. It is always growing. Always changing, developing, and stronger than the previous day. There is fascination and a sense of gratification is felt when something new is discovered. It is a journey and unless the sun disappears, it is a never ending, life-long quest in finding all of the answers to the one question. What is love?

Caroline xo


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