When Death Comes

Recently, Death has been the topic of my thoughts. Not suicide. But Death as it’s own concept.

First off, why is Death highly associated with fear? If heaven, or some other divine world exists, why is it fearful to die? It is not death that people are afraid of, it is the fear of living that prevents people from achieving their full potential in self-actualization.

When I think about Death, I think about Life. If I have lived the life that I had wanted for myself, then when the time comes, I wouldn’t be so afraid of opening the door. Acceptance is key to appreciating, for one has to realize that no other life can compare to their own. To be able to live a satisfied life is to be able to accept aging and realize that everybody will have to age and eventually die. The key to satisfaction is by living in the present and being fully immersed in what is happening in the moment. 

Nobody can escape Death and similarly, nobody can escape Time. It’s important to be prepared for the future but it’s also just as important to live in the moment. I believe that by doing things “in the moment”, both past and future is experienced. The past has moved on and the future is eagerly awaiting. Time is a running continuum and if saying “Tomorrow” floats the boat, the reality is, the boat is a sinking catastrophe. “Tomorrow” either means that it will never end up happening, or that it will happen too late in which true enjoyment cannot be taken from the outcomes. Don’t chase dreams, maneuver them.

“I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world”. Life is not worth visiting. Life is worth living, and experiencing. Live it and experience it in a way that it will entice and pleasure the individual soul.

We stare at the same moon but see different things. What do you want to see?


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives”

Caroline xo


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