Story: La Douleur Exquise

There is this man who I once was oblivious too. Unaware, I would pass by him occupied with more relevant pursuits. Occasionally I’d feel his curious stare beside me but I’d give it no attention. He was no threat to me. Whenever my eyes wandered onto him, there was always a smile. Calm and friendly. I have no thought as to how long he had been noticing me, distinguishing me from others. One day, conversation flourished.

Dark-hair and dark eyes, he is handsome. Older and mature, he is attractive. He has witty humor that I absolutely adore. He says less but means more. He is observant to the details. He is doubtful and concerned which makes me want to hold onto him. He talks about his travels and I find myself fantasizing about the waters his feet has touched. How warm and smooth it must have felt when it encompassed him. How perfect the sun must have radiated over his back. Wishful thinking for me to be in his presence.

Just like mine, his heart falls too easily. His eyes, suffering and aching to escape, are lost in frustration and confusion. He smiles but there’s more behind it. He is tired but counts his blessings.

Everything he does captures my soul. He is mysterious, and I want to learn more. There is something deep and emotionally intense behind the way he carries himself and that enticed my curiosity to accept this new-born relationship. And deep in my thoughts, concealed and suppressed, I knew that he would cause me pain.

“As expressions of human consciousness, stories help individuals gain a greater understanding of life”

Caroline xo



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