Positive Mind. Positive Life.

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to travel all the way to Houston, Texas to attend the ‘Retreat of Awakening’ for four days. I can honestly say that during my time spent there, it was the most uplifting, positive and energizing time of my life. I felt like my soul had been reborn into something more positive, something happy. 

Four days being one with nature and bonding with the people around me. Pure happy laughter and genuine compassion can really change the world. I finally discovered the sensation of peace and harmony that I never knew truly existed in me. And now that I know that this feeling exists, I’m much optimistic about the new people I have yet to meet, the places I have yet to go and the feelings that I have yet to feel. Hope of having a positive, happy life has been restore in my mind. It is in my own mind where the power of control over my life and my happiness lies.

Along with peace and harmony, I’ve also discovered bravery. I’ve expanded my comfort bubble and faced my fear of heights (one scream at a time) and became more open and sociable to the people around me. “Fear does not prevent death, it prevents life”.

Live in the moment. One huge lesson I’ve carried back with me. I’ve realized how much I dwell on the past and fear the future that I’ve become ignorant to the power of now. How I spend my time from now on is very important because time is the only thing that I have. So enjoy time and let things unfold.

The truth to happiness. “I want happiness. First remove ‘I’, that’s ego. Then remove ‘want’, that’s desire”.

I had the most incredible, life-changing experience and if I’m offered the opportunity again next year, sign me up!

Caroline xo


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