Feeling Loss

It’s frustrating, extremely maddening when you realize that you have no control over a situation. You spend so much time planning every detail of how things will work out only to be stuck in the middle of the maze you created. The worst thing to recognizing a goal is unrealistic, is to have no goal at all.

Once you accept that the previous goal was not intended to work out, you’re just floating in air with no direction. You’re confused and anxious that you sort of just, break down. The internal noise in your head feels like it had just been given an aux cord and you sit there, letting yourself drown in it until you become numb.

The hardest part about life is figuring out what to do with it. The first move is deciding whether to take a step up or a step back. The scariest part is wondering if any of it will be worthwhile.

Some mistakes are hard, impossible to fix. Once an opportunity passes, you can’t beg it to come back. Bargaining for one more chance will do you no good either. It has gone away along with a little bit of hope. Sometimes, there isn’t a happy ending and that’s totally fine. Life isn’t perfect and there isn’t always a guarantee for success every time you put effort into something.

Maybe it’s good to feel this way. Maybe it’s good for our soul to feel entirely out of control once in awhile. Because it’s moments like this that make us realize how much we really want to succeed.


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