For the past two months I haven’t been able to reflect on my thoughts. I’ve been really distracted and unfocused that I’ve forgotten how to drop everything for a moment and breathe. These couple of weeks highlighted another turning point in my life where I have been questioning and taking into consideration other life choices and goals for myself. It’s so crazy for me to think how unstable future aspects can be and how my viewpoint on opportunities and chances could easily change. There’s just so much I want to do and even though I’m only 20, I feel like I won’t have enough time to do all the things that I want for myself. It sounds so crazy but I guess this is where I have been slowly changing my life goals and planning more ahead so that I will be prepared for the future. That does not mean however that I won’t be taking school seriously because after all, school is my priority right now.

I’m the type of person that believes change can happen at any moment. However, whether it be good or bad, I also believe that change always happens for the better.

So with that being said, from now on I will listen more to my intuition and hopefully reach a point where I am more confident in myself and the direction I am heading.

Much love,

Caroline ❤


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