When Love Takes You to New Places


If you had told me that one day I would meet the love of my life online and then get the chance to fly to his country to visit him, I would laugh at you.

Now, if you tell me that love existed in far away places and I had the chance to visit a new world and discover new things, I will laugh with you. 

One might say, “Caroline, you must be completely mental if you decided to talk to a stranger online!”. From the way I see it, the method of how you chose to meet people depends on your personality and how comfortable you are with social interactions. For me, meeting someone online (dating app) lets me control the pace of conversations, respond when and how I want to and shamelessly block people who I have zero interest in. But this isn’t really a post about my tips and advice on online dating, this is a story of me falling in love with a man 3,438 miles away.

Saeed and I have been talking through whatsapp and video chats through Skype for nearly a year before I had a chance to meet him during a volunteer trip over my winter break with my university. And no, I didn’t use my volunteer trip as a cover up to meet him. Just think of it like feeding two birds with one scone. Plus, I figured it would be more safe this way since I wouldn’t be completely alone if anything were to happen ( although I wasn’t much worried).

So on the night of the day I arrived, he met me at the hotel that my school was staying in and let me just tell you how cute it was.  He looked so nervous and I knew he was trying his best to stay cool and calm. I will never forget that moment when we finally locked eyes and felt each other’s physical presence.

For the rest of my time there, with every free time that I was in the city whether it would be two hours or four hours, we would find time to meet. He would take me to dinner and for walks around the city and on the beach. I got to finally talk to him face to face and feel his hand around mine, I finally got to see how well-mannered he was when he spoke and ate and walked. I finally got to make jokes with him and cry with him or just sit in silence with him. I got to see and experience the city that he grew up in and take custom in his culture. He was exactly like how he was when we were talking online but better because I was there to experience everything with him. It’s still so crazy to think how passionate and strong a relationship can be acknowledging the distance between us.

I am so happy that we have such a healthy relationship together and I’m excited and hopeful for the adventures and challenges in the future.

Thank You for letting me share this part of my life to you,

Love~ Caroline



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