Volunteer Morocco Day 1+2 (Arrival and Pizza)

After 3 planes and almost a whole day of travel, I finally made it to Agadir Morocco where the base of my Volunteer trip will take part. This was my first time traveling overseas without my parents or family and also my first time traveling to Africa and I was exhilarated. My trip was roughly 10 days and I’m so happy to finally sit down and write everything out in detail.

Wednesday, December 28th 2016

We arrived to our hotel around 11:30am and our first response was to jump in the shower and take nap but I was just so excited and still in awe that I had finally made it to Agadir that I couldn’t get myself to do anything of those things. The second response I had was to immediately connect to beloved wi-fi and to make sure all my loved ones knew that I made it safely and everything went smoothly. Lunch soon got delivered to our door and my roommate (JJ), and I were so happy to finally eat!

I really really didn’t want to take a nap because I didn’t want any time to be wasted but that plan got shattered pretty quickly because before I knew it, both of us took a 3 hour nap and was late to our first group meeting.

So later that evening around 6pm, Muhammed who was one of our volunteer leaders, led us on a small sight-seeing walk to down and around the beach. Our hotel was located right in the city square which was awesome because we can walk and explore anywhere we wanted to. My first thought when I was walking to the beach was how it was much similar to Florida or any other sunny/tropical place in America. The streets were clean, the buildings were fairly new, people walking on the streets and the weather~omg the weather was absolutely p-e-r-f-e-c-t!! It was never humid and temperatures reached from 50s to 80s, absolutely perfect.

Since we went out around 6pm we walked into the sunset and experienced the city during it’s early night life. Our volunteer leaders made it clear that Agadir is a safe city and being out at night like that I totally have to agree that it was really a safe place to be. Of course, there are bad people everywhere you go and you just never know what will happen, so it was important to me to still be cautious. But being out at 9-10pm with the beach still pretty crowded with couples,friends, and families out and enjoying their time on the beach walk was comforting.

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Thursday, December 29th 2016

Breakfast was at 7am and at 8am I went to my first clinical setting in one of Agadir’s city hospital. I had the opportunity to shadow and observe a gynecologist performing a cesarean section  on a mother of a newborn! The doctor had the best personality/humor and was so open and friendly to us. Even though we couldn’t speak arabic, he and the nursing staff tried their best to explain to us everything he was doing in English. I also got to see the hospitals traditional technique of sanitizing and cleaning tools to re-use.

After we had lunch and I went for a cheeky cheese pizza. They don’t use tomato sauce on their pizzas! :0

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For our evening plans, we went to visit EMMA’s college for art and business. There we were able to interact with students from the program and discuss about cultural differences and stereotypes regarding race, religion and cultural practices. The students from EMMA had great insight and relatable comments and it proves that no matter what society you may come from, all young students can relate to prejudice and some negative annotations given to them just by where they lived.  The view from the the top of their roof was also amazing.


To wrap up the day, for dinner I had yet another pizza, this time veggie. Still not tomato sauce 😥

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