Volunteer Morocco Day 6 (Agadir Beach, Seafood Tajn)

Monday, January 2nd 2017

After a very comfortable sleep back in the city hotel, we woke up and went down to eat breakfast! As usual we had assorted breads accompanied with various jams and butter. The star of the show was of course the orange juice ❤ It was a nice crisp, warm morning. The mornings in Agadir, Morocco are my favorite.

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Today, I went back to the orphanage to play and visit the children. I spent more time here today but I didn’t take many pictures. I went to visit the infant room and held a couple a precious babies. This room was much more calmer and less chaotic than the toddler room but nonetheless, it was a delight to play and provide the babies with comfort. Later on, I went into another section of the orphanage where there were school-aged children. I was able to interact with them more and play in their playground outside. We stayed until lunch time where I also was able to feed the children. To the children, it might of been just another normal day but for me, it was an uplifting experience being able to laugh and have fun in the moment.

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For the afternoon and part of the evening, we had a bit of free time in the city to wander and explore. Of course I called Saeed to come and invited my hotel roommate JJ to go out for lunch!

On our way to lunch, we went through a Bird Museum which was open to the public and was free admission. I thought this was awesome because there was no admission counter in the front or security workers walking around. It was another event in Agadir that was made just for the people and although there was a time for opening and closing, the doors were open throughout the day for people to walk in and out and that level of trust really fascinated me.

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I saw flamingos, pigeons, chickens,peacocks, parrots and native birds that I don’t remember the names and saw for the first time.There was actually various of animals besides birds that I saw walking though. They also had baby deer, goats and other mammals are that sort.

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Finally, we went to the restaurant that Saeed and I went to the other night. I have a personal problem where if I find a place that serves good food, I would only go to the restaurant until I get tired of eating there haha. This time I had the Seafood Tagine! Of course, I enjoyed it so much.

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Lunch was delicious and I was a happy camper! We walked JJ back to the hotel and Saeed and I took a walk towards the beach to spend some time together before I head back.

I had seen a makeshift stall selling street art the other day and I wanted to go back and have a clearer look at them. I’d have to say that one of my weaknesses is street art!

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I truly had to hold myself back in order to not buy all of them. There was a young male working the stall. I asked him (through Saeed because he spoke Arabic)how long it took him to paint them and he said that it took him about 1-2 hours to paint a frame. It took me while and it was hard for me to decide but in the end, only one frame prevailed.

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I was all giddy and happy because I was so in love with my new purchase. Saeed and I have been to the beach a couple of times before at night, but this was the first time that I experienced the beach in the day with the warm sun, sand and water.

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The sand was literally like walking on memory foam and I LOVED IT. If only I was in proper swim wear and had the whole day to myself, I would have wanted to spent it all here on the beach. It was the best beach that I’ve ever been to in my entire life! (Not exaggerating, yes really). The sand was so smooth and there wasn’t any of those tiny annoying rocks like the beaches here in the Northeast. The water was warm and clean and I did have thoughts of risking it and just jumping in. It was bittersweet and I really wish I could have spent more time on this perfect beach.


In the evening, I went back to the hotel where I met up with the rest of my volunteer group and we had a reflection talk where we shared and told about our experiences so far about the trip and the big clinic that was run successfully. After, there was dinner and at night, I had another small adventure with Saeed.


Thankyou for reading!

-Caroline ❤



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