Volunteer Morocco Day 8 (Planting Trees and Beautiful Sunset)

Wednesday, January 4th 2017

We left the village in the morning and continued down the road on a 2-3 miles hike towards another small village near the ocean. My advisor has a beach house where the backyard is the ocean. It was so amazing. But before we could enjoy the water, we had lunch!

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We had couscous and personally it wasn’t one of my favorite moroccan dishes. It was my first time eating couscous and I couldn’t get use to the texture but the flavor was still good!

For the afternoon, we went to help the villagers plants trees in the garden! A couple of years ago, the garden grounds used to be free unused land that would be eligible to sell and build more buildings mainly for tourists and foreigners to come visit. But the thought of  other people coming to the village mainly for vacation didn’t settle for the villagers since this is their home and their way of life might get disturbed if they let bigger companies or government take their space. So instead, all of the villagers decided to come together and make a huge garden out of the land where they would grow and supply fresh produce for their families and friends. The land was divided into fairly equal sections where each family had their own garden to grow what they wanted. But even though the land was sectioned, the people acted like a big family helping each other and sharing their tools and even food! Planting the trees made me feel apart of the family and a part of me was left in the plants that would grow over the years – I hope they grow fully and lavish in fruits and veggies!

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After, for the rest of the day we spent at the beach house, enjoying the ocean and the sand. The beaches so far in Agadir have been the best beaches I’ve ever been to in my entire left. Pure nature and untouched with artificial dyes or oils from factories. The water was so clean and warm I enjoyed myself so much. None of us have showered in nearly 2-3 days but somehow being near the beach made me feel refreshed and clean. It was so beautiful when the sun was setting down and I saw all the magical colors in the sky. I decided to sleep outside, in a tent, on the roof of the house (when will be the next time I will ever experience something like that!?) Although I could hear the waves crashing all night,  I didn’t regret sleeping underneath the stars that night.

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


one with nature~

  • Caroline



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