Volunteer Morocco Day 9 (Time with the ocean, Argan Oil)

Thursday, January 5th 2017

Good morning from my little tent on top of the roof in front of the ocean!!! (I’m still so proud of myself that I had experience such thing)


The whole morning was spent vacation style 🙂 haha. Basically, we lounged and enjoyed the water and sand and amazing weather! Compared to the weather back in Boston during this time, the scenery and weather here was absolute paradise.

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By afternoon, we decided to pack our bags one last time and head back to the city! The city where our hotel lies, where there’s toilets and shower and a nice bed ..yes the city.

On our way back to the city, we stopped by an Argan Oil “factory” to see how Morocco’s “Liquid Gold” was made! Argan Oil can be used in cooking and baking and also as beauty cosmetics. Personally, I like to mix a drop or 2 of argan oil into my  face foundation! I didn’t take pictures at the factory because my camera had ran out of battery but this time.

 Complimentary tea and bread from the owners 🙂

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From the increase in technology and manufacturing systems, some of the process in producing quality in oil in a shorter period was done by machines. But there was still part of production done by mainly all women where they would crack the argan nuts by hand and separate the nut from the shell. It was really fascinating to see that part.

FUN FACT: the argan nut is ingested by goats, and the product that comes out from their defecation is the nut people use to make argan oil! Mainly because the nut before digestion is super difficult to open.

The rest of the evening was a 3 hour car ride back to the city. I was extremely tired and in need of a shower.. but since I was back I had to see Saeed, which means dinner at my newly found resturant 🙂

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