Volunteer Morocco Day 10 (LAST DAY)

January 6th 2017

Today is a bittersweet day and fortunately, it was a free day for all of us. Which means I spent most of the day with Saeed 🙂

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Early in the morning, we walked to the Souk so I could have my last freshly squeezed orange juice. Seriously still, the best orange juice so far in my life! Since it was my last day I wanted to buy last minute souvenirs for family and friends so that’s what we did for most of the morning.

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First, we had breakfast at a small stall somewhere in the souk. I had warm bread with chocolate in the middle and Saeed had the traditional bread and honey. Of course, everything that we ate was accompanied with moroccan mint tea 🙂

We ended up getting really distracted in the souk and I decided to get a henna tattoo which took an hour or so. I wish I didn’t choose such an intricate tattoo because it took longer than I expected and I would have rather wanted to spend the time exploring. But nonetheless, I liked my first henna tattoo even though it burned (does that normally happen?)!

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Before we knew it, it was already lunch time and Saeed decided to take me to a restaurant that required taking a local taxi. It was still by the beach so it wasn’t that far away and I guess he wanted to show me a new view of the city which I appreciate. I really miss the Moroccan streets and weather.

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This place specializes in beef tagine which isn’t may favorite type of tagine but since we were already here I didn’t mind it much. Especially since we also ordered a side of french fries 🙂 🙂

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I peeled off my tattoo even though I wasn’t suppose to but because of my slight ocd problem I just had to!! It still looked pretty 🙂

I don’t want to go into too much details about the end and the last moments that I spent here because I wanted to keep them more personal. I don’t want to sound so cliche but this trip was LIFE CHANGING in the most positive way. I enjoyed everyday here and I plan on coming back on my own.

If you are reading this and doubting a trip to Morocco then I’m telling you to just GO! The people are so kind to foreigners and are overall naturally generous.

Until next time Morocco, I will be ready,


Caroline ❤ ❤ ❤


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